June 22, 2019
1 Month and 2 days left
until our reunion.
This T.C. WILLIAMS BOYS SOCCER AND TITANETTES GLORY DAYS REUNION is the first-ever - and probably once in a lifetime - epic gathering, bringing together soccer friends and memories from 1970-2000!  The event is from Happy Hour on Friday June 21 through breakfast on Sunday June 23, 2019, with a number of events scheduled in Alexandria and Falls Church, VA.

Coach Joe Pisciotta is organizing and hosting this event....because you are all getting old!!   Please pass the word to all of your former teammates and the Titanettes.  

We hope you can come!!  Please:
  • Go to the Buy Tickets page to pre-register.  The General Admission fee covering all events is $50 per person 
  • Go to the Travelers page to book your hotel before May 20, 2019 to be sure you get a room in our reserved block at the Clarion Inn.  
  • Go to the RSVP page and let us know which events you will participate in.
Coach Pisciotta is also working on a memoir of coaching soccer at T.C. Williams, and wants to include your stories.  Please go to the CLASSMATES page to fill out a profile and let us know your memories about what playing soccer has meant to you!

We definitely need help contacting everyone! So please use the "Tell a Friend" link below. Also check out the T.C. Williams Boys' Soccer and Titanettes Reunion (1970-2000) Facebook Group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/6256929477853795 (cut and paste the link) and share it with your teammates.

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